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A reporter’s 5 tips for better PR photos

Popped, dropped or 'shopped?

News outlets welcome submitted photographs. Newspapers still have some professionals who take photos, but other services rely heavily on pics sent with press releases. If you’re wondering why yours weren’t used, or have been cropped beyond recognition, let me spare you some grief with five tips for improving photos.

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How to complain about press coverage of… your court case

So you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t have, been arrested and now it’s time to face the music. But you’re not fussed on the world knowing your business. Lately, I’ve had a few complaints from people who’ve appeared in court and aren’t happy their case has been written about. So what can you do?

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Audiences, adverts and A-level maths

Audience figures… the lifeblood of media organisations. The bigger your audience, the more you can charge advertisers for promoting their brand. But how do you calculate an audience, and how do you know whether that’s a good or bad figure?

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January Sale – cut-price business training for the Isle of Man

Yes, it’s the Chips Cheese Gravy Media January sale! From now until Friday, January 6, you can get 50% off (yes, half-price) our training courses when you book online!

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One big mistake most press releases make

If you’re marketing your business, a press release is extremely useful. A repurposed blog post or specially-written piece can become a news story, bringing your company to the public’s attention. But after years of working on business news stories, it became evident most press releases miss the real point of communication with an audience.

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