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The importance of being private

When is private and personal not private and personal?

An interesting lesson in social media misunderstanding, delivered by a politician recently – starring a woman in a flip-up dress. Kate Beecroft MHK had to defend a post she made to her Facebook timeline, which annoyed a fair few people. And her defence, well… was a bit silly.

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Between the (spread)sheets with MHKs

This, I promise, is the last post about social media and the Manx election – I’m putting all the data here in a spreadsheet you can browse yourself. So if you’re a stats nerd or just love Microsoft Excel, tuck in!

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6 ways social media influenced the Manx election

The votes are in, and the winners and losers have been announced – so how did Facebook influence the Manx general  election? I’m feeling fairly smug, as many of the candidates I trained did win their contests (I’m running at a success rate of about 60 per cent).

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Social media marvels

Yes, it’s the last part of our look at how candidates in the Isle of Man 2016 general election (taking place on Thursday) use Facebook. In this instalment, I’ll take a look at how long politicians have been running their Facebook pages (not personal profiles!).

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Post busters – the return of Facebook data

We know which election candidates are winning the “beauty contest” of Facebook Likes, so today I thought I’d take a look at their posts. Facebook page posts are easy ways of spreading information, sparking a debate or just reminding people who you are.

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