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Six weeks until MHK elections

Jimi Hendrix

Master of feedback (geddit?), Jimi Hendrix

Time’s running out if you’d like some professional media training to pep up your election campaign – but don’t take my word for it!

I’m feeling pleased with myself today after some of the first feedback from Keys candidates I’ve been training.

It’s hard to publish reviews on the website because people are understandably reluctant to openly admit they wanted or needed help facing up to live interviews.

So it’s always nice (and useful for me) when someone gives honest feedback – not only does it let me know where I can improve, but it informs me about how helpful I’ve been.

This arrived in my inbox today from a candidate I saw last week:

Jason has a no nonsense approach to getting you through your first interview.  He got straight down to business and put me under the spotlight which was uncomfortable but necessary if I am to come across well.  The feedback was excellent and the opportunity to chat to a journalist about the dos and don’ts of a radio interview was priceless.  During the post interview chat, Jason was friendly and honest and very easy to talk to.  He answered every question I threw at him and there were many.  I feel like I can tackle an interview now.

Let me just bask in the glow for a second!

What do we do?

The three-hour sessions I run for prospective MHKs are hopefully straightforward, informative and useful… I’d be a pretty poor trainer if I failed at any of those.

During the course, we’ll do an interview as though you were live in a studio. That’s recorded and then we’ll listen back to it, with suggestions and comments and discussion about why some phrases are better than others, how you can emphasise your best points and tackle difficult questions.

Many people are surprised by how easily they can be misunderstood or misconstrued because of phrasing: presentation is as important as policy when it comes to an election.

And being caught out factually can be disastrous when you’re trying to persuade people you know enough to serve in parliament. One common point I’ve had to raise with people I’ve seen so far is preparation. You can count on a journalist knowing how Tynwald works – after all, they cover it month in, month out, year after year. If you don’t, and say something demonstrably untrue, they will point it out: forcing you onto the back foot.

And don’t forget, if you’re standing in a constituency with a serving MHK, they’ll know facts and figures as well as procedural rules too. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage when you could be talking about your policy ideas.

Book your MHK training

I’m not sure whether it’s because the election is now close and people are campaigning harder, or whether people have done shorter live interviews and are facing a much longer one (with all the challenges that come with it), but I’m starting to find myself getting booked up.

If you’ve like to know more about the help I can offer a would-be MHK when it comes to both interviews, your social media presence and your general campaign, feel free to call me on 461766. I’m always happy to have a chat and find out more about what you require. Everybody’s different (my feedback today came from a general advice and interview training course – that candidate’s very online-savvy and so didn’t need anything from me about Twitter, Facebook and other websites).

If you’d rather email, you can do so here – and don’t forget if you’d like to book your training course direct, you can book and pay by debit or credit card securely via Paypal, with no account needed, by clicking here.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


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