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Manx political media training


Being elected can be your first experience dealing with the media. As an elected representative, you’re suddenly somebody journalists will call about stories in your area – and “refusing to comment” is about the worst way of dealing with that attention.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our informal, friendly media training course can help you communicate properly with the press, and therefore your electorate.

Our courses last three hours, and are offered by appointment at a time and place to suit you.

We can also offer this course in groups if your board would like to learn the tips and tricks of professional media relations.


If you serve on a local authority, or in Tynwald, you may already have dealt with press and media inquiries. Or you may never have spoken on behalf of your organisation.

Many people are worried about what they’ll say, how they come across, and some never seem to make the most of their achievements. If you’re a local authority board member and the only time you hear from the media is when you set rates or hold an election, or an MHK with something to boast about but no idea how to go about it, Chips Cheese Gravy Media can help.

Our one-on-one course lasts three hours and teaches you:

  • How to be ready for an interview
  • How to handle live broadcasts
  • Selling yourself during interviews
  • How journalists work
  • Crisis management when things go wrong
  • What the media will and won’t cover
  • Professional press communications

By the end of the course, you’ll be both comfortable and proficient in dealing with the media – both as an individual and on behalf of your organisation.

Please not we can also offer this course to groups if more than one member would be interested in a more professional approach to media relations without having to pay specialist PR and media firms.

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