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  1. I was initially excited by this blog page, but then Imagine My Surprise when I realised that there were no chips, little cheese and definitely no gravy involved. Actually I prefer Chips and Curry (over) but that isn’t recognised as our National Dish.

    I listened with great interest to the music clip. I thought the bass guitarist sounded masterful, but the whole thing was ruined by the sound of something resembling a steam locomotive whistle, no doubt from the adjoining Railway Station.

    And why would you hood a ram? Does the MSPCA know?

    • Jason says:

      Adrian, I’d be delighted to offer you training in proper nouns and capital letters, as well as a bass player’s rightful place in the heirachy of music! Thanks for stopping by, and double thanks for reading the post and taking the time to comment. Hopefully, I’ll see you on Friday when I can buy you a pint!

  2. David Cretney says:

    Really interesting piece Jason.

  3. Pat Ayres says:

    There is no need to fear social media, it is a part of life now.
    Criticism will come from many places, it’s not all negative.
    Even Manx Forums has it’s positives, often they have the news before the mainstream media.
    It can be brutal at times but so can life itself.
    You need a thick skin to be in politics but, sticks and stones will break my bones, words will never hurt me.
    I would rather people told me if I was doing something wrong than carry on and make a right mess of things.

  4. Peter Piper says:

    “Publicly available audience statistics from the end of 2015 show Manx Radio has around 42,000 listeners a week. 3FM has in the region of 30,000 (Energy doesn’t produce official figures under RAJAR).” 72,000 people listen to two local radio stations a week? That quote alone proves what utter rubbish Rajar is. Only 500 people max are used for a survey and i believe it was just over 100 used on the last rajar. I’m all for having these stats to try and sell advertising but actually believing in them? Don’t be so stupid.

    • Jason says:

      Jason here, “Peter”. Not hard to guess where you’re from given your IP.
      Unusual points – The sets of people who listen to a particular station can overlap.
      And a confidence interval of 5% / level of 95%, in a population of 85000, needs a sample <400.
      Never mind. I don't discriminate against people's "beliefs", no matter how silly.
      There's no other way to reliably find audience figures, RAJAR is the industry standard.
      Unless, of course, you can come up with something better?
      Relying on a system which can be shown, statistically, to be accurate is not stupid.
      Nobody runs an outlet without some idea of what their audience might be.
      Examples of how to calculate sample sizes can be found online. It's A-level statistics.
      Really good to see you here, though - thanks for the comment!

  5. Colin says:

    Thank you for the recommendation Jason and I do hope you get this all sorted.

    I have to reciprocate with the feedback and say I did a short course with Jason recently and it was top notch! Extremely worthwhile and I learnt so much in the three hours, which flew by.

  6. Pat Ayres says:

    Surprised you couldn’t find my FB page at ‘Patrick Ayres’ Been there for a couple of years.

    • Jason says:

      One year; your first post was August 2015. I’d missed it because everywhere lists you as Pat rather than Patrick so you were missing in Facebook’s search. All included and updated now though – thanks for letting me know!

  7. Charles Buster Lewin says:

    Very interesting thank you

  8. wilfred tomlinson says:

    Facebook page: Daphne Caine for Garff

  9. Pat Ayres says:

    Yet again you don’t mention me, even after I prompted you.

  10. Mike says:

    I couldn’t agree more Jason. Having built websites for small businesses on the island, their first question is ‘how do I get to the top of Google?’. They think I should be able to wave some magic wand that gets them onto page 1 of google.

    A great post and one that should be shared far and wide!

  11. wilf tomlinson says:

    Why only 40 candidates?

  12. Justin Tipper says:

    Excellent course, and worth every penny. Jason is very knowledgeable about his topic, and we were able to generate some great ideas for PR for my business during the session, which I shall be putting into practice straight away! Thank you Jason.

  13. Alison Nicholson says:

    I can’t recommend this course highly enough – Jason is both hugely informative and entertaining so, if you’re a business owner looking to get press coverage without spending a fortune on advertising, you should definitely sign up. I came away from the course with plenty of ideas that I intend to use for my business. Thank you!!

  14. Jim says:

    You need a sub. As we all do. Practised. Up sticks. Ipsos. Love Jim

  15. M.LL.C says:

    It is his house . He can put whatever he wants in his window. If you don’t like do not pip into his house. Me and my daughter enjoy his displays.

  16. If the art depicted the prophet Muhammad it would be taken down sharpish on the grounds of public safety and we as a tolerant society believe that to be an infringement of our value system

    So we should not allow other religions to stamp on people’s freedom of expression just because it conflicts with their particular world view

    This action shows to a rise in militant Christianity as part of a wider polarisation of western society

  17. Roy says:

    I hear there are people going around displaying a sacrificial body nailed to a cross.

    Can we please stop scaring our children with this?

    I should go to the police.

  18. Graham Hamer says:

    Bloody disgraceful behaviour by so-called churchgoers. The artist is simply expressing him/herself and harming nobody. Naturally, religious freaks want to stop anything they THEY disagree with, whether or not other people are nt offended.

    Perssonally, I would rather stand in front of that window than cross the road where I have to look at a man nailed to bits of wood, with thorns hammered into his head and a spear in his side. If anything is bloody repulsive, that is!