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Manx news comment bingo!

A bit of fun for the first post of 2018!

If there’s one thing that’s predictable, it’s audience response.

And the Isle of Man has its own set of quirks that makes it fairly easy to predict.

With that in mind, here’s Manx Facebook Comments Bingo!

Sooner or later, discussions about most stories on social media degenerate to a lowest common denominator.

And on the Isle of Man, that means raising the same topics in the same way almost every time.

It’s not just news stories, of course – a quick trawl through the Isle of Man News and Politics Facebook page will net much the same result. Or, for that matter, the Isle of Man Newspapers┬ácomments section.

Elsewhere in the world, you have to wait for comparisons to Nazis, or “if this happens, then that’ll follow – is that what you want?!”

Part of the fun of covering news in the Isle of Man is spotting the Manx equivalents pop up time after time.

So here’s something to keep you amused over 2018.

Simply cross off the phrase/topic when you spot it mentioned in story comments.

First person to make a complete horizontal line wins!


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