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Catch them Pokemon ads

Pokemon Go

A wild free advertising opportunity appears!

Here are two Tweets, minutes apart,  from this afternoon – both trying to promote a business. Guess which one set off my journalist radar?

There’s an old saying “it’s news if it’s in the news” – and like it or loathe it, Pokemon Go is well and truly in the news.
So where are all the Pokemon news stories from Island businesses?

There’s been a mention of what it is on Manx Radio, and Sure was quick to get an interview about mobile data charges. 3FM had a bit with the police about someone who was caught  playing and driving.

But apart from that, nothing.

Guys, you’re missing out. Three minutes of advertising will cost you well over £300. You could have that for free by piggybacking news stories – and Pokemon Go is made for that.

Try ringing a newsdesk and telling them you’ve seen business boom since you started laying lures for players. If you’re a Pokestop, tell the media. They will run the story.

We’re coming into silly season, when news dries up – schools, local authorities and parliament close and even criminals go on holiday to spend their ill-gotten gains. Reporters get desperate for news, and the first person to get to a journalist will be the person they interview about it. Why not make sure it’s you?

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