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CCG Media’s training courses

Training sessions with Chips Cheese Gravy Media

Training sessions for Isle of Man small businesses, sole traders and other organisations who don’t have marketing or PR budgets.

Small business media training seminars

Our media training courses are small, informal gatherings that run from 4pm to 7pm with a short break. We hold them at the end of the working day because we know you’d rather be earning money in business hours.

We also understand one time doesn’t necessarily suit everybody. If you’re unable to make it and would prefer a different day or time please feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Each session is limited to six attendees. This allows us to focus closely on each person, making sure we’re fulfilling your needs. Guided by journalist and broadcaster Jason Roberts, the seminars are friendly and non-technical. There’s no jargon, just good expert advice.

Election candidate media training

If you’re a candidate in the September 2016 House of Keys general election or are considering running in a by-election for a seat on a local authority, you may well be up against sitting members. They’ll have dealt with the media before, putting you at a significant disadvantage when it comes to your campaign.

Chips Cheese Gravy Media can help. We can show you how to prepare for interviews – teaching techniques to avoid embarrassment and make sure you get your message across.

We can also teach you about the rules the media operate under during an election period, and how you can publicise news stories as part of your campaign whilst staying within an organisation’s editorial guidelines.

Our election candidate training is one-on-one by appointment, led by Jason Roberts. With 25 years of experience dealing with politicians and those running for public office, we can make sure you’re confident and well-prepared to face anything a journalist might ask you.

Small business social media training

Every small business has – or should have – a social media account. But did you know you’ll be held liable in the event of defamation? And were you aware how easy it might be to commit Contempt of Court and face a criminal prosecution?

Not only that, but a single thoughtless post can do untold damage to your reputation and thrust you into a hostile spotlight. How would you deal with it?

At Chips Cheese Gravy Media, we can guide you through the legal and reputational risks you face every day as a publisher. A disaster needn’t be something you struggle to cope with. With the right strategy, you can not only mitigate any damage done – but emerge the other side with an enhanced reputation and the respect of those who’ve taken to Facebook and Twitter to express outrage.