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Trust me, I’m a journalist: 5 reasons not to fear local reporters

A new poll out shows journalists have taken a kick right in the trustworthiness. The annual research asks people whether they trust a whole range of professions. Since I started as a cub reporter in the early 90s, the media’s always had a hard time in this survey – so should you trust a local journo?

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Free business adverts on the Isle of Man?

So you want free advertising for your business? Maybe you’re in an industry that’s usually ignored by the media – beauticians or builders or retailers. You can get your company into the news. How? Well… bear with me!

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One big mistake most press releases make

If you’re marketing your business, a press release is extremely useful. A repurposed blog post or specially-written piece can become a news story, bringing your company to the public’s attention. But after years of working on business news stories, it became evident most press releases miss the real point of communication with an audience.

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