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Challenging government – whose job is it anyway?

Freedom ofthe Press

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether politicians are being deliberately incomprehensible when it comes to the media or if they just have no idea whatsoever about how journalism works. Yet again this week, there’s more “advice” from a politician and accountant who’s also an expert on reporting.

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Free speech? Don’t believe the hype!

There’s an interesting piece posted to the Isle of Man Newspapers website this week about freedom of speech. Just one problem – we don’t have it, and never have.

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Moorhouse media misunderstandings

Sometimes it’s hard to see what politicians are getting at when it comes to the media – and sometimes they don’t make it any easier to understand them. In Tynwald this week, Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse asked a very odd question which had a number of implications. And it’s not the first […]

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Mahna Manannan and other Muppets

Here’s something I find a source of fascination on the Isle of Man: the obsessive-compulsive anonymous social media loons proclaiming themselves “news sources” or “commentators”. The latest example is from Mannanan himself, an ancient Celtic sea god and tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist who loves referring to himself in the third person.

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