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Social media essentials for Manx businesses


If you have a social media account, you’re a publisher. Do you know the law surrounding defamation? Did you know you can be jailed and face unlimited fines for committing Contempt of Court?

Our social media training course will give your staff the knowledge they need to avoid inadvertently creating problems that can leave a business reputation in tatters. Over three hours we can show you how to avoid the most common legal problems a publisher faces, as well as teaching how to turn a difficult situation around. You’ll learn how to mitigate damage and even increase respect for the way you dealt with a hiccup.


Social media is vital activity for any business in the information age. But when you use it, you become a publisher – and it can be a minefield of legal, reputational and ethical risks.

We can offer your business high-quality, easy-to-digest training in how to avoid social media pitfalls – and what you can do if something does go wrong.

In a three-hour session, we can teach your employees:

  • The legal risks of libel and defamation
  • How to avoid committing Contempt of Court
  • Dealing with crisis communication
  • How to avoid inappropriate posts
  • Repairing reputational damage and turning disaster into glory

Our three-hour course features role-play and interaction as well as a Powerpoint display and course notes for attendees. We’ll discuss real-life examples of companies and individuals who found themselves in trouble on social media, and their strategies for recovery.

The aim is to equip your staff with skills that will make them confident enough to successfully build your brand online without you having to worry about what’s being posted in your company’s name!

Please note that the price quoted is per attendee. Courses can be arranged at a time and place to suit you – either at your premises or elsewhere.

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