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Comprehensive online audit


Our cheap and easy online audit is a comprehensive look at your website, social media accounts and other marketing avenues.

We’ll examine how well each of your outlets is performing, and make suggestions about improvements you can make to up your online game!

Once we have your details, we’ll email you a full report within 48 hours so you can start to make changes as quickly as possible.

It’s cheap, fast and easy!


Does your business have a website? Is it working as well as you hoped? Try our online auditing service and see where you can make improvements to your internet presence.

We’ll take some details from you about the things you do online, including blogging and social media, and tell you where you can make improvements.

In particular, we’ll examine:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Social media use
  • Website speed and optimisation
  • Audience engagement

We’ll then report back to you by email highlighting areas your business could improve and suggesting ways of increasing your visibility to your customers and users.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll email you to ask for details about your website, social media accounts and other internet tools (including your mailing list, if you have one). Once we’ve received your details, we’ll prepare a report within 48 hours and send it to you.


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