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How to lose friends and horrify people

One of the things I teach prospective MHKs is how to separate their personal and public social media profiles in an election.
It’s a lesson someone in Ramsey could do with learning, given the hateful, racist, homophobic views splashed all over his Facebook feed.

I was horrified and saddened by this:

Nick Crowe on Manx Radio

Nick Crowe on Manx Radio

Really? A racist view of an entire religion and a laughably simple-minded opinion of how a “gay mafia” rules the Island? And this from someone who’d really like to rule – if you’ll all vote for him in the North.
Personally, I think the odds of him winning a seat are low. There are other established candidates and frankly, the gay mafia will probably step in at any moment to do him down.
There are a number of candidates to split the field, though. And who knows, maybe trading off his reputation as a racer will garner him some support.
The advice I’ve never had to give to any candidate who seriously wants to win an election is “don’t be racist” and “don’t be homophobic”. You see very few Nick Griffins in Manx politics.
And, frankly, you shouldn’t need that lesson to begin with. If there was ever a clear way of making sure you don’t win it’s by broadcasting abhorrent views to as many people as possible.

Spurious is as spurious does

If there was a gay mafia running government, why did it take so long to bring in gay marriage here?
And let’s deflate this idea of Islam being banned from the West. Hopefully, Nick knows Christianity is Middle Eastern in origin. And hopefully he knows enough history to remember the things done in Christianity’s name in the past. And perhaps he’s sufficiently aware of current affairs to know the last person to call for Muslims to be kicked out of the west was a tangerine-skinned buffoon just across the Atlantic.
Maybe, just maybe, it was a one-off.
But no.
Nick Crowe’s personal Facebook profile is public.
So a quick look there finds Phil, who can’t think of a single Muslim he likes:
Phil's view on Muslims

Phil’s view on Muslims

And Stephen, who doesn’t know a single Muslim who’s not also scrounging benefits:
Phil's view on Muslims

Stephen’s view on Muslims

Benefits play an important role in the comment “debates”, with experts like Sheila:
Sheila's views on blacks, single mums, etc

Sheila’s views on blacks, single mums, etc

And rather than provide a reasoned, rational voice, Nick only manages to dig himself a deeper hole.
Nick Crowe, Ramsey election candidate

Nick Crowe, Ramsey election candidate

Apart from the bloody awful spelling, grammar and punctuation (another lesson I teach – USE A SPELLCHECKER!) Nick defends himself by saying it’s not that he hates gay people, but they get special treatment thanks to government corruption.
Here’s the thing Nick – try asking somebody about their sexual orientation the next time you interview somebody for a job. Because surely you know how much trouble that’ll land you in?
And then, of course, there’s the numbers game. Have you any idea how many gay people there are on the Island, Nick? If there are lots, then you’d expect to see them in all walks of life.
And while we’re at it, will you be sacking these influential gay people when you’re elected on the grounds that they’re gay and don’t deserve that job?

Election lessons you can learn

I don’t like writing about candidates individually – the journalist in me wants me to be fair and not express what are my own views. But if you’re going to be a bigoted ill-informed idiot that brings Manx politics (not to mention roadracing) into disrepute, I feel as though I should say something.
First: research your policies. If you say “I’ll sack everyone earning more than ¬£100,000 a year” you should expect someone to ask “who’ll run the government the day after that?” If you don’t have an answer (or if it’s a vague “we’ll find someone”) then don’t say it to begin with. Think twice, say once.
Second: use facts, not rhetoric. Either tell me how many of the gay mafia are undeservedly running the government or shut up. “It’s not rocket science” isn’t a fact. That’s just¬† your inability to come up with a number.
Third: consider how it’ll look to a voter. If your social media presence is full of intolerance, make that private and set up a new page.
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