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Free business adverts on the Isle of Man?

Free Isle of Man adverts

Free adverts for ever? How can that be right?!

So you want free advertising for your business? Maybe you’re in an industry that’s usually ignored by the media – beauticians or builders or retailers.

You can get your company into the news. How? Well… bear with me!On Monday, November 7th, Chips Cheese Gravy Media is hosting a training seminar which will teach you to promote your business and get a small fortune’s worth of advertising for free.

You may have tried to write a press release before, only to be told “it’s too commercial” or “it’s not newsworthy enough”.

That’s all well and good: journalists have certain standards they uphold. Your new product may not make it into the news because they’d rather you pay for an advert – and if you’ve looked into advertising costs you’ll know how expensive that can be.

But if you know how to angle a story to a journalist, you’ll create something they can’t resist.

That’s exactly what we’ll teach you to do.

Get your story published

For a reporter, the first person to get in touch is the person who’ll feature in the story.

We’ll show you which stories get used, and why – and give you the skills to make sure you’re the company contacted by the media when they’re looking for a story.

You’ll learn who to approach, when to do it, and how you can make your company stand out against others trying to compete.

Perhaps you’ve looked into paying for adverts – only to find a three minute interview on the radio or a half-page in a newspaper is hugely expensive.

Why book your place on our course? Because it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in advertising costs. You’ll learn how to promote your business all year round by coming up with stories journalists will be eager to cover.

Does it work?

That’s the big question, and one we can only say yes to.

For example, we advised a company about an event that allowed them to quadruple their Facebook likes and increase their bookings by 50%; just through one press release tailored to their industry.

It isn’t difficult at all, once you understand what a journalist looks for in a story and how you can persuade them your story is worth covering.

All you need is the know-how.

What’s it going to cost me?

Our three-hour seminar costs £150. That may seem expensive, but call Isle of Man Newspapers and asking how much a half-page advert with a photo will cost.

Or call Manx Radio and ask how much it’ll be for three minute of airtime.

We’ll make sure you can get that coverage without paying through the nose – and we’ll teach you how to get it over and over again.

So where do I sign up?

That’s the easy part.

Just click on this link, and it’ll take you to our booking page.

The seminar is led by a journalist with 25 years of experience writing news stories – 19 of those have been spent on the Isle of Man, in newspapers and broadcast.

We know what your business needs when it comes to publicity.

Don’t miss out!


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