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The importance of being private

When is private and personal not private and personal?

An interesting lesson in social media misunderstanding, delivered by a politician recently – starring a woman in a flip-up dress. Kate Beecroft MHK had to defend a post she made to her Facebook timeline, which annoyed a fair few people. And her defence, well… was a bit silly.

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Four simple media lessons for Onchan MHKs

Well, another week another mishap with the press. It’s pretty much the vogue at the moment for politicians to blame the media for their own mistakes, and there’s a pretty good example of that on Facebook. Onchan MHK Rob Callister, just recovered from the Bushy’s fiasco, plonks down a marker on social media. His beef? […]

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Audiences, adverts and A-level maths

Audience figures… the lifeblood of media organisations. The bigger your audience, the more you can charge advertisers for promoting their brand. But how do you calculate an audience, and how do you know whether that’s a good or bad figure?

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Kangaroo courts vs criminal courts

Another day, another Contempt of Court fiasco on an Isle of Man Facebook page – this time over a drink drive case. I’m not linking to the offending post. As a journalist, I’m horrified and it’s not quite for the reason you might think.

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January Sale – cut-price business training for the Isle of Man

Yes, it’s the Chips Cheese Gravy Media January sale! From now until Friday, January 6, you can get 50% off (yes, half-price) our training courses when you book online!

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